Meet The Team | Alex Lorenz | Social Media Director

Background (age, occupation, location, etc.)

Age: 24

Occupation: Account Manager at PK4 Media

Location: Brooklyn, NY


When were you first approached to be a part of the MI team? What were your initial thoughts? Remy, the Milking It graphic designer, mentioned the project she was on might need some social media help. When she told me the concept behind Milking It, I was immediately intrigued because the story hit so close to home. After I met with Fredgy (over some glasses of wine) I was so excited to be a part of it. 


What is your role in MI? I help run the social media with Dana and Fredgy #tweet #milkingitmovie


Favorite memory of filming? Although I wasn't there for the filming, I loved looking at pictures from behind the scenes. I think my favorite pictures were the ones from the "falling in love" montage. The crew did such an amazing job capturing the feeling of falling in love - something everyone can relate to and appreciate. 


Favorite scene? Again, probably the "falling in love" montage. So beautifully shot. 


How has MI impacted your life? Career? I've never been part of such a creative and talented team. It's amazing to work with such talented women, who come from all different backgrounds, and who all bring such a great skill to the project. 


Have you ever felt like Josephine, liking your boyfriends mom more than your boyfriend? As I mentioned, this hit close to home. I've definitely experienced the heartbreak of not only losing a partner, but the amazing friend that comes with that relationship (his mom).


What are your hopes for the film and rest of the crew? I'd love to see the film continue to make its way into festivals! It's such a great short that a lot of people can relate to. I could also see this as a Netflix series. Possibilities are endless and I'm so grateful and proud to be a part of it. 

Meet The Team | Fredgy Noël | Writer-Director-Lead

Fredgy Meet the Team.jpg


  • Age - 32
  • Occupation - Television Writer/Producer
  • Location - NYC

When were you first approached to be a part of the MI team? What were your initial thoughts?

I wrote the screenplay in November of 2013. After sharing the story with a few friends I decided the project was strong enough to produce. I had never worked on a film before so I started thinking about who I wanted to be part of my dream team. I set up some dates with girls I'd worked with and/or hung out with and shared with them the screenplay. These meetings took place in cafes, bars, and restaurants all over the city. After a month of courting, we had our first meeting in early January. And now we're here.


What is your role in MI?

Writer, Producer,Director, Lead, Editor, Cheerleader

Favorite memory of filming?


Favorite scene? 

The bubbles and making light out of glass for the karaoke scene. (shout out to our DP for getting creative).

How has MI impacted your life? Career?

Making this film has impacted my life in so many ways. I've learned how to become an effective leader, to trust my gut, and that great things happen when you work with the right people.

What are your hopes for the film and rest of the crew?

I hope the audiences enjoy the film. And I look forward to working with these ladies on other projects.

Do you have any parting thoughts you'd like to share? 

I have abandonment issues and can not answer this question.

Meet The Team | Victoria Millin | Casting Director

Background (age, occupation, location, etc.)

I'm 30! I'm lucky to work as a casting producer and a development producer in NYC.


When were you first approached to be a part of the MI team? What were your initial thoughts?

Fredgy and I met under non business related circumstances.  We both have a ton of friends in the music industry and sort of always felt like out siders when we all hung out, especially would talk business.  When we were first introduced at a music festival, we hit it off right away.  Since then, we always casually talked about working together.  When she first approached me aboutMilking It I think I said "YES!" before I knew anything about the project because if Fredgy was attached to it, I wanted in!


What is your role in MI?

My main role is Casting Director and associate producer.


Favorite memory of filming?

I feel like when we were filming I was literally floating and beaming with pride for the whole cast and crew.  I cherish that feeling and that memory.


Favorite scene? 

Spoiler alert! The scene with the bubbles.


How has MI impacted your life? Career?

To be able to be a part of this group of creative women was a total blessing.  When you work with other people, you always learn something about yourself and since you're listening to other people, you always learn about someone else as well.  I try to take all those lessons with me and apply them to life.  The fact that Fredgy had this little idea and it's now a a real short film proves that if you have determination and drive you can get it done.  You have to go after anything you want full force and directly- professionally or creatively.  



Have you ever felt like Josephine, liking your boyfriends mom more than your boyfriend? 

I'm really lucky that my boyfriend's mother is incredible so I'm going to plead the 5th (shout out to Kana Davis!).


What are your hopes for the film and rest of the crew?

I think it will be extremely exciting to see how Milking It will be received.  I think it's completely relatable and will touch each person who watches it differently.  My hopes are that people come away from the film with a better understanding of themselves and to know we each deserve to feel that kind of love, no matter where it comes from.  The crew that worked on this, simply put, is outstanding.  I hope for them whatever they wish X 1,000.

Meet The Team | Christine Allen | Line Producer


  • Age - 23
  • Occupation - Production Management Associate at MTV2
  • Location - New York City!

When were you first approached to be a part of the MI team? What were your initial thoughts?

I was approached in November 2013 about working on the film.  I was really excited and into the idea about making the film because of Fredgy's drive and passion for her project.


What is your role in MI?

Producer - working with the budget for the film


Favorite memory of filming?

Cramming into each apartment and getting creative about the space we were working with when it came time to shoot.  Often times this was accompanied by Myriam saying "we'll rock it out".


Favorite scene? 

Not a scene but definitely the kitchen shot with Fredgy and RJ as Josephine and Nate being playful with the bubbles during the falling in love montage.  There was something very special and intimate in that shot that really came through in the final product.


How has MI impacted your life? Career?

MI has really made me learn to think on my feet and give me a new perspective on crowd source funding.  I will definitely take these learned pieces of information along with me continuing in my career.


Have you ever felt like Josephine, liking your boyfriends mom more than your boyfriend?



What are your hopes for the film and rest of the crew?

I hope the film has an impact on audience members in thinking deeper about relationships and the strong bond between mothers and their children.  I also hope audience members share our film with their friends!  I hope all the crew got some fulfillment out of working on this film and at the very least enjoyed bringing Fredgy's passion project to life.    


Do you have any parting thoughts you'd like to share? 

It's funny how since this film has ended I've taken a strong liking to a guy that's lactose intolerant.  Ironic?

Meet The Team | Myriam Schroeter | Executive Producer


· Age - 25

· Occupation -  Producer/Editor

· Location – LES, NYC!


When were you first approached to be a part of the MI team? What were your initial thoughts? I was first approached by Fredgy late summer of 2013. It was a fateful meetingover Pho and sweet tea – my initial thoughts were about Fredgy (what a magnetic, dynamic woman full of energy!) and that I was immediately interested in getting involved. The story was close to home, Fredgy’s passion for the project was infectious, and it was perfect timing all around.


What is your role in MI? Producer, occasional ball-buster.


Favorite memory of filming? It’s nearly impossible to choose one, but if I must… When I had 20 people in my apartment shooting the last scenes of our 1st 12 hour day. One scene called for a bunch of door slamming and yelling, and suffice enough to say – my downstairs neighbor was not too pleased about the noise. All the while, I was trying to quietly break out catering (with burners) for cast and crew on my tiny kitchen countertop. Hot, sweaty, hilarious.


Favorite scene? From an aesthetic perspective – the wedding dress scene. It’s ethereal, light, airy, pure, gorgeous. From a narrative perspective, the scene when Felipe yells at Josephine – the poor guy is going through it emotionally, but it’s one of my favorite comedic moments of the entire film.


How has MI impacted your life? Career? In so many ways! It’s my first major Producer credit (and I have Fredgy to thank tenfold for that), and hopefully leads to other creative, narrative projects with the MI team in the future. It taught me a lot about hard work, communication, staying levelheaded, admitting to mistakes and how important it is to assemble a strong team.  


Have you ever felt like Josephine, liking your boyfriends mom more than your boyfriend? Big time. Again, this is one of the things that attracted me to the project in the first place – it was a very personal exploration for me, and something that’s happened to me in my own life. I’ve certainly forged a few relationships with the mothers of the men I’ve been in relationships with over the years that have deeply impacted me.  


What are your hopes for the film and rest of the crew? I have the highest of hopes that this film will go far on the festival circuit and that it will continue to grow and take on new life! Perhaps as a feature, as a pilot – who knows. Sky’s the limit. I hope that the crew took this as a tremendous learning experience as well. I’m so impressed by what each and every person did, and I would dearly like to work with them in future creative capacities. I know we could tackle any project with the same grace and good spirit that we did for MI.


Do you have any parting thoughts you'd like to share? This project was exciting, tumultuous, stressful, beautiful, exhilarating, personal – I hope you enjoy this artistic little gem and take a minute to reflect on all of your own personal relationships. With your mom, with an ex, with a current love – this is what makes us whole and it was an extreme joy to bring these raw realities of human interaction to the screen. 

Meet The Team | Chenoah Ann Rommereim | Art Director

Chenoah Ann Rommereim

Age 33

Art Directer/Production Designer/Creative 

Resides in Brooklyn, New York


In late fall of 2013 I was working on a feature horror film with a wonderful but short-handed art department team.  One of the women who had come in to assist production, for a day or two, was Myriam Schroeder.  I immediately asked her to help us purely off of her positive energy and organizational skills.  In the short time we worked together I knew I wanted to work with her again. The next April, she approached me with the talented and articulate, Fredgy Noel, and a script that personified a woman's need to be connected to other women.  I knew I trusted these women to tell a good story but the subject intrigued me more. 


I myself am exploring my own relationship with my female elders, and the friendship necessary to raise a healthy soul.  At the time, I liked the metaphor of 'mothers milk' as the passing of wisdom, or lack there of.  It was something male and females could all relate to.  I also thought that the natural gravitation of an predominately female crew was intriguing.  I sometimes struggle with the post-feminism world we inherited.  I would like to live in a cloud of privilege that functions with the idea that the age-old battle of inequality was somehow fought and won by one generation of our brave mothers and their coalitions.   In actuality, it has just begun.  Women today have new, complicated and diverse struggles that take on different characteristics resonating throughout the international world.  I needed a new perspective. It was time to work with some females for a change. So, I proudly took the role of Art Department. 


My favorite scene in 'Milking it' was the wedding dressing room scenario. Visually, it was purevirginized innocence and dreamy in its beautiful white sunlight.  For me, it was also the most heart-wrenching turning point for Josephine. I found it to be quite powerful in its delivery.  


My favorite memory of filming was reading aloud the goodbye letter over and over to Josephine in her perfect sweater and her a upright typewriter.  Her words seemed so sterile and 'matter-a-fact' at first but each time I read it aloud I seemed to resonate with her deep pain more and more.


For myself, working on 'Milking It' has built a respect for the process of independent films. I am excited for the challenge of expanding my skills by working on smaller teams to tell big stories.   

Meet the Team | Gabriela Koleva | Costume Designer

Age - 32

Occupation - Costume Designer/ Stylist/ Model

Location -  Bulgaria/ NYC 

When were you first approached to be a part of the MI team? What were your initial thoughts? In a restaurant in the Lower East Side of New York, which is the same place where Milking It was written by the director, and my friend later on, Fredgy Noël. I read the script for the first time I thought it was a true and touching story. 

What is your role in MI? Costume designer 

Favorite memory of filming? Walking under the rain with Fredgy while moving to the second location on the first day of shooting and, of course, without umbrellas. We stopped for a Latte and a cigarette break on our way. 

Favorite scene? The opening scene- Josephine in the bathroom on the phone.

How has MI impacted your life? Career? With comfort on both fronts.

Have you ever felt like Josephine, liking your boyfriends mom more than your boyfriend? No

What are your hopes for the film and rest of the crew? I hope the film travels to as many countries as possible and every “Josephine” out there can get the chance to see it. 

Do you have any parting thoughts you'd like to share?  I hope there will be Milking IT part 2 .. :)

Meet The Team | Nadia Ali | Publicist


Age - 30

Occupation - Music Publicist

Location - NYC

When were you first approached to be a part of the MI team? What were your initial thoughts?  I was first approached right after Fredgy had written the script earlier this year.  I was honored and excited.  On a personal level knowing Fredgy, I was extremely proud of her for writing the script (inspired by personal experience). Seeing it manifested on film is incredible. 

What is your role in MI?  Film Publicist and Event Planner 

Favorite scene?  I love the karaoke scene - it's beautifully shot and is the perfect scene to use in the trailer.  

How has MI impacted your life? Career?  Milking It helped me build my confidence in Film PR as my PR background is heavily in Music.. I've learned to not be afraid to try new things, you may be really good at something you never knew you were :)

What are your hopes for the film and rest of the crew? I hope the film gets picked up by many festivals and hopefully turns into a spin-off series.  

Do you have any parting thoughts you'd like to share? Can't wait for the film to be shared with the world! I think everyone that watches the film, male or female, will totally relate to the common theme -- wanting to be loved and giving love. 


Meet The Team | Caroline Yi | Photographer


Occupation - Photo Producer at Saks Fifth Ave/HBC Digital

Location Brooklyn, NY via Texas

When were you first approached to be a part of the MI team? What were your initial thoughts? Honestly, I was super flattered that Fredgy even remembered me [from working together previously] when she reached out to me around Christmastime, much less thought of me to be part of the crew! I thought the story was funny, but so dark and sad. The twist was great. It was so original and coming from a place of love that I knew I had to be part of it. 


What is your role in MI? Set photographer/BTS videographer, Kickstarter Co-Captain, Film Poster Designer, Wine Contributor


Favorite memory of filming? Everything about both days of filming


Favorite scene? The end credits because of the beautiful MUSIC!  Or Josephine trying on her wedding dress because of the lighting... mmMmm!


How has MI impacted your life? Career? Fredgy and the whole project since the beginning just really inspired me creatively, to not be afraid to go for things, to learn more, to network and make friends, to realize that anything is possible if you work really hard and have a great supportive team. I've learned so many useful technical and creative skills that have made me gutsier and smarter for my career!


Have you ever felt like Josephine, liking your boyfriends mom more than your boyfriend? haha no, sorry MI hasn't been that directly relatable to me.


What are your hopes for the film and rest of the crew? I hope that all the lovely, talented ladies are walking out of this just as inspired as I am and pursue their passion and find happiness in it! As for the film, I seriously hope it wins film festivals and gets the exposure it deserves, so that more people can see this awesome project we worked so hard on!


Do you have any parting thoughts you'd like to share? I'm so grateful, so lucky to have been part of it. I truly hope everyone enjoys the film! 

A Message from our Art Director

'Milking It' captures what is real in us.  I found a resilient and hard working community of creatives: organizers, light lovers, writers, style visionaries, leaders, cinemagraphic geeks, and dreamy-eyed picture-makers in this process.  I am forever grateful to be a part of such a short, but extremely pinnacle and effectively poignant project.  It raises the question in our lives- What do we really Love?  I am so honored to be invited to collectively create, and have the space and opportunity to play in the field of this story's sub-conscious.  

Chenoah Rommereim, Art Director 

Feeding the Milking It Cast

Feeding a cast and crew of 25 for two days is no easy feat. On top of our team cooking and bringing meals potluck style, we were thrilled when our friends at Sahale Snacks graciously offered to send us a box of their almond glazed nuts with cranberries, flavored with honey and sea salt. These delicious snacks were sweet, salty, and gave everyone that extra energy boost that was needed to get through the very long days. The entire Milking It team was very grateful for their contributions and we can't wait to partner with them again in the future!

It's Happening

Hi yall! Caroline here-- the film's set/still photographer. We're down to 3 days until filming begins with 12-hour days! I am BEYOND EXCITED. We all are.

Fredgy, on our first day of stills shooting for the Kickstarter campaign.

Fredgy, on our first day of stills shooting for the Kickstarter campaign.

I can't believe it's already been 5 months since Fredgy asked me to be a part of this amazing project. Since then, we're already shot for the Kickstarter, successfully raised above our goal, threw a party, planned the whole schedule and budget, and casted all the roles.. I'm continually impressed by everyone's skills and enthusiastic efforts, and I cannot wait to start filming and share this with yall. (And I've enjoyed capturing moments throughout the process. Can't wait to share more photos with yall too!)

Gabi and team, prepping for the Kickstarter video.

Gabi and team, prepping for the Kickstarter video.

This past weekend, we held rehearsals at Myriam's apt, and I met a few of the cast members: Evan, Brock, and RJ. And let me tell you.. we have some serious talent on our hands after holding successful auditions. Gabi and Dana established the wardrobe, and I shot some photos for the film set to give Josephine some background with one of her love interests.. It started out great, but it ended being so effortless when Fredgy and RJ got into the minds (and looks!) of their characters to channel them into the photographs that will be within a scene in short film. I'm continually inspired by Fredgy's incredible, clear vision for the film's style, and how well she translates it into reality. After this weekend, everything just felt more real.

Fredgy and RJ in rehearsal.

Fredgy and RJ in rehearsal.

I know we're just about to start filming, but I'm so proud of everyone for how much we've done already. I can't stop feeling lucky to be part of this crew.

Wish us luck! 

xo, caroline yi 

Milking It - Casting

When a cast comes together, there's this feeling that I get that's 90% incredible, 7% OH MY GOD THIS IS REAL?!, and 3% oh my God, this is real.  After having two long days of auditions for the film and finding an AMAZING cast, I am still in awe..because this is real and it IS incredible.

Fredgy introduced me to the characters we were casting by giving me a bit about their personality, their background, and some general physical traits.  Just like anyone, my imagination sort of of developed a picture of what I perceived these characters to look like and what I expected these individuals to do. The hardest part about casting is knowing that just because you want them to be a certain way, doesn't mean an actor doesn't come in, completely consumed by the role, knocks you off your feet, and then you, the casting director, have to refrain from screaming, "YOU ARE PERFECT! YOU ARE PERFECT! YOU HAVE THE PART!" after reading their audition lines.

The actors that came out for our auditions were absolutely incredible.  Over 2,000 people submitted themselves to audition for Milking It, and we couldn't have been more humbled or excited. When the actors came in for their audition, we told them a little bit about the role and had them read a few lines from the beautiful script that Fredgy wrote.  It's then we get to see how they deliver the character, how they will give this character life.  Fredgy and I were looking for that feeling... you know the one I'm talking about. That cliche' feeling of, "when you know, you know".

Telling people they have the role is such a great feeling. Watching a script come together with real, live people, is invigorating. We're gearing up for rehearsals and this is when the story really becomes ALIVE.  I can't wait to see what our talented cast has up their sleeves for the filming of this amazing project.

xo - Victoria 

It's All About the Benjamins.

Funded. On Kickstarter.

I could hardly believe my eyes when the final number rolled in. The voice in my head?

“Is this real? I actually have a budget to work with? Is it all there? All the hard work my team put in means something? Wait, wait… people still believe in artistic, independent short films on Kickstarter, when there are projects to change ecosystems and even lives on there, too?”

It turns out that people still do, in fact, want to support art for art’s sake. People are proud of your artistic endeavors. That’s a beautiful thing. A mind boggling, smile-inducing kind of thing. Life is good.  And thankfully I won’t be required to make a t-shirt that says ‘Just fund my f*cking short film, please.’

Am I happy I no longer have to refresh my Kickstarter page every 10 minutes? You bet. If you’ve ever run a Kickstarter campaign, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It takes over your whole life, it nags you like your mom would about cleaning your room, it weighs on you, it teases you with success and scares you with the possibility of failure. Your heart palpitates at the tiniest of donations. You tell your friends they shouldn’t have. You have to sit on the phone with your grandpa who doesn’t trust the Amazon payment system and doesn’t understand why he can’t just send a check. You start wondering why everyone can’t just forego lunch and donate to your project instead. Your body shakes when you get that first $100 contribution.  Your baffled at some of the names that do pop up on the backer report. People tell you they are proud of you whom you least expect to hear it from. And when the really big bucks role in? Well, then you just think about Warren Buffet. Or about how you can get to Raymond Tusk levels of wealth in your own life. I digress.

We surpassed our goal and we have family, friends, broke-ass friends, friends of friends, boyfriends, ex-boyfriend’s moms, grandparents, mentors, aunties, acquaintances, long-lost lovers and even strangers to thank for it. Seriously. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

As I sit here meditating on this crazy ride thus far, there’s nobody I’m more proud of than my team. I am humbled by them. I am amazed at how much they take on both personally and professionally. Being surrounded by sincerely caring, good, passionate women reminds me that anything is possible. The countless meetings we had at apartments, bars, basements, clubs. The smiles, the annoyances, the emails, the effort, the mistakes and consequential learnings. And to think that this is only the beginning. The next time someone doubts me, tells me it’ll be impossible or too difficult, I will counter by saying I got a film funded in this economy, in the great city of New York. I can hardly wait for the rest.

x - Myriam 

Milking It Kick Off Party

Our team coordinated over the holidays, had our first meeting on January 7th, 2014, and maintained a weekly brainstorming/organizational meeting each week leading up to our February 6th Milking It Kick Off Party. For the first time in my life, I decided to celebrate the small things. I figured, "why not celebrate getting to THIS point." We were all united in this journey and starting to actualize something we believed in, so let's celebrate that moment. The team agreed.

So at 7:30pm, the night of the event, we officially launched our Kickstarter campaign.  We all looked each other knowing the obstacles we'd already gone through (and the ones we have yet to deal with), and pressed the LAUNCH button. We cheered as our page went live.

What followed was a little bit of confusion. The event started at 8pm and people started arriving at 8 on the dot. We were both surprised and thrilled to see so many people at our party.  We figured out the projector (thanks Caroline!) and the space was packed. Everyone (including Andrew Keegan and Daniel Franzese) was "waiting to watch the film." I found myself having to explain that 1 - there was no film YET and 2 - we were celebrating the beginning of our journey. Despite the confusion, the crowd cheered as I made a short speech and played a mini trailer, "Introducing Josephine." 

Sometimes you smile so hard your cheeks hurt. Mine are still sore.

-Fredgy Noël