Meet The Team | Alex Lorenz | Social Media Director

Background (age, occupation, location, etc.)

Age: 24

Occupation: Account Manager at PK4 Media

Location: Brooklyn, NY


When were you first approached to be a part of the MI team? What were your initial thoughts? Remy, the Milking It graphic designer, mentioned the project she was on might need some social media help. When she told me the concept behind Milking It, I was immediately intrigued because the story hit so close to home. After I met with Fredgy (over some glasses of wine) I was so excited to be a part of it. 


What is your role in MI? I help run the social media with Dana and Fredgy #tweet #milkingitmovie


Favorite memory of filming? Although I wasn't there for the filming, I loved looking at pictures from behind the scenes. I think my favorite pictures were the ones from the "falling in love" montage. The crew did such an amazing job capturing the feeling of falling in love - something everyone can relate to and appreciate. 


Favorite scene? Again, probably the "falling in love" montage. So beautifully shot. 


How has MI impacted your life? Career? I've never been part of such a creative and talented team. It's amazing to work with such talented women, who come from all different backgrounds, and who all bring such a great skill to the project. 


Have you ever felt like Josephine, liking your boyfriends mom more than your boyfriend? As I mentioned, this hit close to home. I've definitely experienced the heartbreak of not only losing a partner, but the amazing friend that comes with that relationship (his mom).


What are your hopes for the film and rest of the crew? I'd love to see the film continue to make its way into festivals! It's such a great short that a lot of people can relate to. I could also see this as a Netflix series. Possibilities are endless and I'm so grateful and proud to be a part of it.