Meet The Team | Christine Allen | Line Producer


  • Age - 23
  • Occupation - Production Management Associate at MTV2
  • Location - New York City!

When were you first approached to be a part of the MI team? What were your initial thoughts?

I was approached in November 2013 about working on the film.  I was really excited and into the idea about making the film because of Fredgy's drive and passion for her project.


What is your role in MI?

Producer - working with the budget for the film


Favorite memory of filming?

Cramming into each apartment and getting creative about the space we were working with when it came time to shoot.  Often times this was accompanied by Myriam saying "we'll rock it out".


Favorite scene? 

Not a scene but definitely the kitchen shot with Fredgy and RJ as Josephine and Nate being playful with the bubbles during the falling in love montage.  There was something very special and intimate in that shot that really came through in the final product.


How has MI impacted your life? Career?

MI has really made me learn to think on my feet and give me a new perspective on crowd source funding.  I will definitely take these learned pieces of information along with me continuing in my career.


Have you ever felt like Josephine, liking your boyfriends mom more than your boyfriend?



What are your hopes for the film and rest of the crew?

I hope the film has an impact on audience members in thinking deeper about relationships and the strong bond between mothers and their children.  I also hope audience members share our film with their friends!  I hope all the crew got some fulfillment out of working on this film and at the very least enjoyed bringing Fredgy's passion project to life.    


Do you have any parting thoughts you'd like to share? 

It's funny how since this film has ended I've taken a strong liking to a guy that's lactose intolerant.  Ironic?