Meet The Team | Caroline Yi | Photographer


Occupation - Photo Producer at Saks Fifth Ave/HBC Digital

Location Brooklyn, NY via Texas

When were you first approached to be a part of the MI team? What were your initial thoughts? Honestly, I was super flattered that Fredgy even remembered me [from working together previously] when she reached out to me around Christmastime, much less thought of me to be part of the crew! I thought the story was funny, but so dark and sad. The twist was great. It was so original and coming from a place of love that I knew I had to be part of it. 


What is your role in MI? Set photographer/BTS videographer, Kickstarter Co-Captain, Film Poster Designer, Wine Contributor


Favorite memory of filming? Everything about both days of filming


Favorite scene? The end credits because of the beautiful MUSIC!  Or Josephine trying on her wedding dress because of the lighting... mmMmm!


How has MI impacted your life? Career? Fredgy and the whole project since the beginning just really inspired me creatively, to not be afraid to go for things, to learn more, to network and make friends, to realize that anything is possible if you work really hard and have a great supportive team. I've learned so many useful technical and creative skills that have made me gutsier and smarter for my career!


Have you ever felt like Josephine, liking your boyfriends mom more than your boyfriend? haha no, sorry MI hasn't been that directly relatable to me.


What are your hopes for the film and rest of the crew? I hope that all the lovely, talented ladies are walking out of this just as inspired as I am and pursue their passion and find happiness in it! As for the film, I seriously hope it wins film festivals and gets the exposure it deserves, so that more people can see this awesome project we worked so hard on!


Do you have any parting thoughts you'd like to share? I'm so grateful, so lucky to have been part of it. I truly hope everyone enjoys the film!