Milking It Kick Off Party

Our team coordinated over the holidays, had our first meeting on January 7th, 2014, and maintained a weekly brainstorming/organizational meeting each week leading up to our February 6th Milking It Kick Off Party. For the first time in my life, I decided to celebrate the small things. I figured, "why not celebrate getting to THIS point." We were all united in this journey and starting to actualize something we believed in, so let's celebrate that moment. The team agreed.

So at 7:30pm, the night of the event, we officially launched our Kickstarter campaign.  We all looked each other knowing the obstacles we'd already gone through (and the ones we have yet to deal with), and pressed the LAUNCH button. We cheered as our page went live.

What followed was a little bit of confusion. The event started at 8pm and people started arriving at 8 on the dot. We were both surprised and thrilled to see so many people at our party.  We figured out the projector (thanks Caroline!) and the space was packed. Everyone (including Andrew Keegan and Daniel Franzese) was "waiting to watch the film." I found myself having to explain that 1 - there was no film YET and 2 - we were celebrating the beginning of our journey. Despite the confusion, the crowd cheered as I made a short speech and played a mini trailer, "Introducing Josephine." 

Sometimes you smile so hard your cheeks hurt. Mine are still sore.

-Fredgy Noël