Meet The Team | Victoria Millin | Casting Director

Background (age, occupation, location, etc.)

I'm 30! I'm lucky to work as a casting producer and a development producer in NYC.


When were you first approached to be a part of the MI team? What were your initial thoughts?

Fredgy and I met under non business related circumstances.  We both have a ton of friends in the music industry and sort of always felt like out siders when we all hung out, especially would talk business.  When we were first introduced at a music festival, we hit it off right away.  Since then, we always casually talked about working together.  When she first approached me aboutMilking It I think I said "YES!" before I knew anything about the project because if Fredgy was attached to it, I wanted in!


What is your role in MI?

My main role is Casting Director and associate producer.


Favorite memory of filming?

I feel like when we were filming I was literally floating and beaming with pride for the whole cast and crew.  I cherish that feeling and that memory.


Favorite scene? 

Spoiler alert! The scene with the bubbles.


How has MI impacted your life? Career?

To be able to be a part of this group of creative women was a total blessing.  When you work with other people, you always learn something about yourself and since you're listening to other people, you always learn about someone else as well.  I try to take all those lessons with me and apply them to life.  The fact that Fredgy had this little idea and it's now a a real short film proves that if you have determination and drive you can get it done.  You have to go after anything you want full force and directly- professionally or creatively.  



Have you ever felt like Josephine, liking your boyfriends mom more than your boyfriend? 

I'm really lucky that my boyfriend's mother is incredible so I'm going to plead the 5th (shout out to Kana Davis!).


What are your hopes for the film and rest of the crew?

I think it will be extremely exciting to see how Milking It will be received.  I think it's completely relatable and will touch each person who watches it differently.  My hopes are that people come away from the film with a better understanding of themselves and to know we each deserve to feel that kind of love, no matter where it comes from.  The crew that worked on this, simply put, is outstanding.  I hope for them whatever they wish X 1,000.