Milking It - Casting

When a cast comes together, there's this feeling that I get that's 90% incredible, 7% OH MY GOD THIS IS REAL?!, and 3% oh my God, this is real.  After having two long days of auditions for the film and finding an AMAZING cast, I am still in awe..because this is real and it IS incredible.

Fredgy introduced me to the characters we were casting by giving me a bit about their personality, their background, and some general physical traits.  Just like anyone, my imagination sort of of developed a picture of what I perceived these characters to look like and what I expected these individuals to do. The hardest part about casting is knowing that just because you want them to be a certain way, doesn't mean an actor doesn't come in, completely consumed by the role, knocks you off your feet, and then you, the casting director, have to refrain from screaming, "YOU ARE PERFECT! YOU ARE PERFECT! YOU HAVE THE PART!" after reading their audition lines.

The actors that came out for our auditions were absolutely incredible.  Over 2,000 people submitted themselves to audition for Milking It, and we couldn't have been more humbled or excited. When the actors came in for their audition, we told them a little bit about the role and had them read a few lines from the beautiful script that Fredgy wrote.  It's then we get to see how they deliver the character, how they will give this character life.  Fredgy and I were looking for that feeling... you know the one I'm talking about. That cliche' feeling of, "when you know, you know".

Telling people they have the role is such a great feeling. Watching a script come together with real, live people, is invigorating. We're gearing up for rehearsals and this is when the story really becomes ALIVE.  I can't wait to see what our talented cast has up their sleeves for the filming of this amazing project.

xo - Victoria