Fredgy Noël is an award-winning television writer, director and producer. Having lived up and down the east coast, she has finally made a home for herself in New York City. Fredgy’s expertise in mainstream/indie music, pop culture, fashion and film has propelled her to work with A-list talent and direct multi-platform campaigns at VH1, MTV and TV Land. Fredgy’s brainchild ‘Milking It’ was written in memory of her late mother-in-law Eve. Fredgy likes her milk warm—because the girl never sleeps. 

Alex Lorenz is a social media professional from The Upper Peninsula of Michigan. After graduating from college with a PR degree in 2013, she moved to NYC. Currently, she works as an Account Manager for PK4 Media, where she works directly with brands, media agencies, and internal teams to manage the success of digital advertising campaigns. Having fallen in love with past mothers of her lovers, “Milking It” is a project that hits close to home. Lorenz likes her milk sipped straight from the udder.

Caroline Yi is a photo producer and photographer from the border of South Texas. She moved to NYC, graduated from NYU with a BS in Media, Culture, Communications while pursuing a career in the photo industry. She's worked in the photo departments at VH1,, Parade, Women’s Health and Prevention magazine and has 4+ years experience in photo production. She currently a photo producer a. She's a real go getter with a heart of gold who remains sweet like almond milk. 

Chenoah Ann Rommereim is a native New Yorker-originally from the South Bronx. Her expertise lies in the art department world: specializing in art direction, production design, and set dressing. She prides herself in her collaborative spirit and embraces the "sub consciousness of space." Having worked with the likes of Chloë Sevigny, Chenoah continues to excel in the film world. She describes herself as coconut milk, "The fruit of a tree at its highest point."

Christine Allen is a vivacious freelance producer from Westchester, NY. Upon graduating from NYU with a BFA in Film & TV, she worked in the production offices at VH1 on several promos for highly rated TV shows like Mob Wives, Basketball Wives and Best Week Ever.  She not only considers herself like half and half milk because she’s well versed in both the logistical and creative sides of production but because she’s full of life.

Gabriela Koleva is an extraordinary fashion stylist. She has styled shoots for VICE, The Fader, i-D, Elle (Bulgaria) and Vogue magazines as well as commercials, ad campaigns (St. Laurent) and feature films (her first love). Born in Bulgaria and raised in Canada, Gabriela completed a BFA degree in Fashion Design then studied Fashion Styling in St. Martin and London. She has 8+ years experience working as a fashion stylist in both Bulgaria and New York. She's a skim milk type of girl - pure and unsaturated. 

Myriam Schroeter is a producer extraordinaire and social media maven. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, she went on to graduate from Northwestern University with a BA in Communication Studies & Spanish. Upon graduation, she moved to NYC to conquer the digital and production world. She’s worked on production teams for music videos featuring RCA, Virgin & Universal recording artists as well as on sets like NBC’s The Voice & CBS’ Elementary. She is now the Associate Content Editor at Amazon full-time while always producing passion music and film projects. She’s a strong and poised renaissance woman who considers herself to be like half and half milk with her dual career paths.

Nadia Ali is a music and lifestyle publicist from Queens, NY. With a BFA in Communications, Nadia has used her skills and determination to land gigs in the Publicity departments at Island/Def Jam, MTV, Warner Bros. Records and PR agencies Liz Rosenberg Media and The Door. She has over 7+ years experience working on album and tour campaigns for high profile artists such as Madonna, Cher, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks and Duffy among others. For Nadia, the phrase "milking it" means turning lemons into lemonade. Another fruit she enjoys is coconuts - especially coconut milk as she’s lactose intolerant.  

Rémy Law is a multi-faceted graphic designer from Southern Ontario, Canada. She moved to NYC 5 years ago and never looked back. A current student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Rémy has designed campaigns for fashion and lifestyle brands to food. As a feminist and daughter of two teachers, Rémy believes it’s important to ‘milk it’ - get what you came for in every life experience. She considers herself to be like raw milk – real, uncensored & unrestricted. 

Victoria Millin is a television and film professional from Arlington, VA. With 6+ years of experience, she has worked on shows as a casting producer, associate producer, and creative and talent assistant for MTV, VH1, Bravo, NBC, and TLC.  She jumped at the chance to work on "Milking It" because she instantly fell in love with the script and with the powerfully intoxicating creative women who are also working on it. Victoria considers herself a 1% milk kind of girl, as she is frequently seen combining whole milk and skim milk at her local coffee shop.